Hello new PoCo Councillors

Kia goes boom.Dear Councillors Carroll, Pollock and West,

Very nice to see you this evening.  You all looked well.  Have you lost weight?

Anywho, just wanted to follow-up on our conversation this evening.  Well, I guess it was me asking questions from the podium.  Nonetheless, I want to bring you up to speed on all the problems Bay City Kia has caused the residents of Suffolk Avenue.  You can CLICK HERE for more details.

Over the past two years we have taken nearly 1,000 photos of violations; dealt with their employees hitting two elderly ladies and sending them to the hospital; running over and killing a dog; erecting a 10-foot-high fence with barbwire; missing every deadline set by the City (“moving the line in the sand”) and breaking dozens of laws and by-laws.

We need your help.

You heard the impassioned comments from Councillor Penner tonight about “simply rewarding bad behaviour” by Kia if the lane closure is granted.  What I am suggesting is this – grant the closure once the fence is removed, architectural landscaping is put up, employee parking is provided and ALL bylaw infractions are fixed.

The final piece is to grant Kia a very specific time frame to complete this process (30 days).  If they do not comply move in on 2048 Suffolk Avenue, tow all the cars, rip down the fence and fine the bejesus out of them.  Similar to what the City did with Mr. Eric Hirvonen’s property for a “dilapidated fence…[and] one unlicensed vehicle on the driveway”. That must have been one VERY unlicensed vehicle for the City to go in and remove and yet allow 50+ vehicles to remain on Kia’s 2048 Suffolk Avenue residential property.

Please contact me so I can take you on a walking tour of the neighbour.  I will even provide the coffee / tea / hot chocolate / gin / etc.


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Dave Teixeira is President of Dave.ca Communications Inc.

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  1. H.Luu December 9, 2008 at 12:14 am #

    Dave,Can I bring some Egg Muffins along for the tour? I thought we only have problems over on my side. Are you ready to tour my side and I will tour yours? Let’s set a date.

  2. H.Luu December 9, 2008 at 12:16 am #

    I think tonights first council meeting for the new team was very entertaining. Lots of laughs near the end. Imagine serving the entire Fox football team at my work from time to time or make it two teams,their opponent too. Overall, well done from all.

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