Terry Fox Reality Show?

December 11, 2008 4 comments

Yesterday an email from the Terry Fox Foundation announced the possibility of an interesting “reality show” type project for next year.

The plan at this time is to have two teams of twelve runners start in St. Johns and Victoria on April 12th. Each participant will attempt to run 3,339 miles in 143 days, matching Terry’s daily mileage, meeting in Thunder Bay on Labour Day weekend.

There will be a one hour casting special to air in April in CBC primetime where the participants will be introduced, the stakes will be set for the run and Terry’s enduring and building legacy will be highlighted. This will be followed by a feature that would appear weekly on the National or CBC News Sunday that would provide an update on the runners and their fundraising efforts. There would also be a one hour (or more) special on Labour Day.

Here is more from the email.

Twitter: No more outbound texts for Canada | The Social – CNET News

November 28, 2008 No comments yet

Twitter dead in Canada.Twitter: No more outbound texts for Canada | The Social – CNET News.

This can’t be good. Just a few months after restricting its U.K.-based text-messaging number due to cost issues, Twitter has done the same for Canada.

The microblogging service has cut outbound SMS messages for the folks up north, citing "unexpected changes in our billing." Costs had been doubling for a few months.

This explains why I have not been receiving updates from John Cleese, Shaq, ECCW Pro-Wrestling, etc. and why folks have not commented back on my witty tweets.

HEY TWITTER! Just let Facebook buy you and be done with it. Don’t go broke like the dotcoms in the early part of this decade. Trust me, that sucks.

Got to love misleading headlines

November 28, 2007 16 comments

Residents oppose homeless shelter??I could not believe the headline on the front page of The Now Newspaper this morning – “Residents oppose temporary shelter”. Not only is it wrong but it could be used to fan the flames of “anti shelter” sentiments outside of Port Coquitlam.

Below is the Letter to the Editor I sent off:

The headline of your piece “Residents oppose temporary shelter” on the front page of your Wednesday edition is inaccurate and misleading.

At the Port Coquitlam Council meeting on November 26th, six people presented at the extreme wet weather temporary shelter zoning public hearing. Five PoCo residents (including myself) spoke in favour of the program and the other gentleman, a non-resident landlord, spoke against. A letter received by Council with some questionable comments and statistics was from a Coquitlam Ranch Park resident living 5 kms away. In addition, the five members of Council present all spoke in favour of the program. How then does this constitute a “Residents oppose temporary shelter” headline?

This extreme weather shelter ran for eleven days last season without a single complaint from residents. With the support of the community and City Council, homeless folks will have a safe dry place to stay overnight during the most miserable of weather conditions.

In short, your headline should have read “Residents support temporary shelter” with a supplemental line, “Other municipalities in the Tri-Cities should take PoCo’s lead and move forward on similar programs – quickly”.

Here is the actual news piece, which is not too bad – just the headline (the only piece some people will read) is wrong:

2010 Mascots Revealed

November 27, 2007 2 comments

Your 2010 Olympic Mascots!
So here are the three – yes three – mascots for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games. I mean, having just one mascot is lame, two – that is so 1988 but three – and actually 3.5! (read on about the sidekick) – that’s where it’s at!

Really cool things come in threes like triplets, three wheel bikes and disasters so this should be fine.

Here is the complete review from CKNW:

The 2010 Winter Olympics will have not one, not two, but three official mascots…and a marmot friend named Muk-Muk.

Each of the critters has a west coast feel.

Miga the sea bear is a combination of an orca whale and the Kermode spirit bear.

Quatchi’s a sasquatch and Sumi is a mythical thunderbird spirit who loves to snowboard.

Their side-kick is a marmot named Muk-Muk.

About 800 school kids have been bused in to Surrey to be the first outsiders to meet the mascots.